The Shackleton Trio and Sound Tradition

The Shackleton Trio play an exciting blend of Americana, folk and their own songs. Influenced by British and Scandinavian folk traditions, they combine vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and banjo. Georgia herself writes and performs ‘wordy songs about other people’. At the 2016 Woolpit Festival she appeared with ‘Addison’s Uncle’ singing and playing the fiddle.

The trio have performed at many clubs and concert halls across the UK and have toured Belgium and the Netherlands. Festival appearances have included the Rotterdam Blue Grass Festival, Towersey Festival and Folk East.

Sound Tradition, Linda Baddeley, David Bartlett, Catherine Legg and Moose Rosser, describe themselves as ‘Traditional unaccompanied English folk singers’. The four have been singing together since 2006 when they formed the group in Suffolk.

CD album releases include ‘Under the Moon’, 2012, ‘Blackbird’, 2014 and ‘Well Met , My Friend’, 2017.

Tickets £10

Location Information

Woolpit Village Hall